Do you need to hire a piano mover?

Many homeowners are also piano owners. When it's time to move, you may think it's just OK to hire your standard house movers to move your piano. Worse yet, you may think of moving it yourself! This is a huge mistake. Did you know that a piano contains over 10,000 inner components? Most of these are small delicate pieces that are either stationary or moving based on their function. Many pianos are damaged in the process of moving homes as either homeowners or movers treat them like a standard piece of furniture and handle it accordingly. Improperly handled pianos cost owners hundreds to thousands each year! Even just a scratch to the outer finish of your piano can cost hundreds to repair.

The solution? Don't cut corners! Even the most enthusiastic DIYers should know when it's time to call in the professional piano movers! A standard, upright piano is valued on average, between $3,000-$6,000! Values for larger, more intricate, or highly sought-after pianos command much higher values. By spending a little extra to safely move your piano, you'll ensure that you're saving yourself additional hundreds if not thousands in the long run by having expert piano movers, with the power, equipment, and tools to safely and effectively move your piano. Call the pros, and keep your piano playing beautifully for years to come!

Of course, while you're in the process of arranging your piano move, be sure to schedule your piano's annual piano-tuning service. Every piano should be tuned after a move due to small shifts in gravitational forces that occur during the move. If it's been a while, it might be time for a pitch raise. Your accredited piano technician will happily guide you through the process and explain your options to you!